Pro Tips for Vacationing in Aruba

Renting a car is advisable

Make the most of your time in Aruba by renting a car instead of relying on taxis.

Save $$$ by staying in an Airbnb

Many people assume you have to stay at a resort on the island, but there are lots of great Airbnbs!

Make plans to visit Flamingo Beach!

The only place to find flamingos in Aruba is on the Renaissance Private Island.

The quietest beaches are away from the ports

Take a drive to discover some of the more hidden beaches in Aruba, like Rodger's Beach or Baby Beach.

18% of Aruba is part of a national park

Don't forget to spend at least one day exploring Arikok National Park!

You can use U.S. dollars in Aruba

You don't have to worry about exchanging money before traveling to Aruba because U.S. dollars are widely accepted.

English is widely spoken in Aruba

The island's official languages are Papiamento and Dutch. However, many Arubans speak English as well.

Hurricane season shouldn't pose a problem

Aruba actually sits outside of the hurricane belt. Therefore, it has an advantage over many other Caribbean destinations.

Remember to pack sunscreen!

Aruba is very windy, so sometimes tourists forget to apply sunscreen. Bring SPF 30+ (coral reef-safe, please!)

Plan to arrive early at the airport

Aruba has pre-clearance for travelers flying into the U.S. from the island. Therefore, the security process can take longer than expected.