Santorini vs. Mykonos: Greek Island Comparison

By: Leah Shoup

The beaches are better in Mykonos.

Santorini has black sand beaches and the famous Red Beach. However, the golden sand is softer on the Mykonos beaches.

Santorini is more popular for honeymoons.

With magnificent sunset views and some of the top luxury hotels, this Greek island is considered one of the most romantic places in Greece.

The nightlife and partying are better in Mykonos.

Super Paradise Beach is home to the top Mykonos beach clubs, which are some of the most famous in the world.

Santorini is home to more picturesque villages.

While Mykonos Town, and especially Little Venice, are beautiful, Santorini takes the cake for traditional Cycladic towns.

Santorini offers more day trips, but Mykonos is near Delos.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important archaeological sites in the entire country of Greece.

Santorini has better sunsets.

While the sandy beaches and Old Town in Mykonos offer beautiful sunsets, Oia Castle has the most famous sunset view in the Greek islands.

Mykonos has fewer stairs and hills.

Mykonos may be a better fit for seniors or people with disabilities since Mykonos Town is relatively flat compared with Oia or Fira on Santorini.

Santorini is slightly more family-friendly.

The vibe at restaurants in Santorini is more laid-back, and there are more activities to keep the kids entertained.

Water sports are slightly better in Mykonos.

When traveling to these famous Greek islands, note that there are more opportunities for shore snorkeling and windsurfing in Mykonos.

Tourism season is longer in Santorini.

Both islands are an easy flight or ferry ride from Athens. However, you can visit Santorini later in the year than Mykonos.