Tips for Visiting Aruba for the First Time

By: Leah Shoup

You’ll most likely want to rent a car.

Although some tourists can manage by hiring taxis during their stay, we highly suggest renting a car. This way, you’re free to explore the island at your speed.

You don’t have to stay at a resort.

Resorts along Palm Beach and Eagle Beach are the most popular places to stay on One Happy Island. However, there are plenty of affordable vacation rentals.

Flamingo beach is in Aruba, and you’ll want to visit!

When staying at Renaissance Aruba Resort, the entrance to Renaissance Private Island is included. If not, you’ll need to secure island passes.

The most tranquil beaches are the farthest from the cruise ports.

If you see lots of cruise ship passengers, head away from Oranjestad (for example, to Baby Beach, Rodgers Beach, etc.).

18% of the entire island comprises a national park.

Visiting Arikok National Park almost feels like stepping foot on another planet due to its desert landscape and particular fauna.

Americans don’t need to exchange money before their Aruba trip.

While the Aruban florin (Afl.) is the official national currency on the island, U.S. dollars are also widely accepted.

Many Arubans speak English!

Most Arubans speak English–and even Spanish, as well! So, you shouldn’t have any problems communicating on your visit.

You won’t have to worry about hurricane season.

When planning an Aruba vacation, you likely won’t have to worry about hurricane season thanks to its location outside of the hurricane belt.

Wearing sunscreen is 100% necessary.

As with other Caribbean islands, you don't want to forget sunscreen at home! Thanks to its location near the equator, 30 SPF sunscreen is necessary.

When leaving, get to the airport early.

The Aruba airport has pre-clearance for travelers flying to the United States. You’ll pass through customs before boarding your flight.

You can drink the tap water in Aruba!

One of our best Aruba travel tips is to stay hydrated by packing a reusable water bottle.