The Warmest Greek Islands in October

By: Leah Shoup


The southernmost and hottest Greek island in October beckons with average temperatures of around 68°F (20°C) during this shoulder season month.


Skip Santorini during the summer months and visit in the fall instead, pairing it with other Cyclades islands in an island hopping trip.


The largest of the Dodecanese islands is a great destination in October, with a UNESCO World Heritage Old Town and an international airport.


One of our best Greece travel tips is to visit Mykonos during October. Experience beautiful beaches and a Delos day trip without the crowds!


Expect mild, sunny days, with an average temperature of 65°F (19°C), making it perfect for exploring historical sites and trails despite some occasional rain.


Hydra, located in the Saronic Gulf near Athens, is a beloved car-free island known for its cultural heritage, serene ambiance, and stunning beaches​​​​​​.


Naxos is perfect for October travel with its beaches, historic villages, and mountain hikes, reachable by flight or ferry from Athens.


Thanks to its many year-round residents, you won't have issues here finding open tavernas or places to rent sun beds on the beaches in October.


Expect pleasant weather with an average temperature of 68°F (20°C), ideal for beach time and outdoor activities like turtle spotting and boat tours.


Paros is one of the hottest Greek islands in October, offering unique architecture and charming villages–just a short flight or ferry from Athens.