What to Eat in Amsterdam in 2023

By: Leah Shoup

Patat or Friet (Fried Potatoes)

We highly recommend the patatje oorlog, which features fries doused in peanut satay sauce, mayonnaise, and raw diced onions.

Appeltaart (Dutch Apple Pie)

To experience appeltaart at its finest, head to Winkel 43 in the Jordaan neighborhood in Amsterdam.

Pannenkoeken (Dutch Pancakes)

Typically topped with powdered sugar, these plate-sized pancakes are a traditional Dutch cuisine that's served throughout the day.

Dutch cheese

When it comes to Amsterdam food, Gouda and Edam and some of the most famous cheeses. Try a cheese board at a local wine bar or head to Henri Willig.

Indonesian Rice Table (Rijsttafel)

Rijsttafel is a Dutch take on Indonesian food you’ll only find in the Netherlands! Our favorite restaurants are Jun and Blue Pepper.


Kibbeling is a popular street food: delicious deep-fried cod with a side of garlic mayonnaise dipping sauce. Try it at the Albert Cuyp Market!

Dutch raw herring

Sample Hollandse Nieuwe or the famous sandwich called Broodje Haring at Fishmongers Albert Cuyp.

FEBO vending machines

FEBO offers the convenience of purchasing freshly prepared fast food directly from vending machines.


Resembling croquettes, these delectable treats are a popular Dutch food often gracing the menus of bars and pubs across the city.

Dutch Beer

Beyond its renowned breweries like Heineken and Amstel, the city boasts a vibrant craft beer scene that’s worth exploring. Don't miss Brouwerij ‘t IJ!