What to Pack for Aruba: 10 Essential Items

By: Leah Shoup

Reef safe sunscreen

Aruba has banned oxybenzone-containing sunscreens due to coral reef concerns. So, be sure to purchase reef-safe sunscreen for your trip.

Waterproof phone case

Whether at the pool, beach, or Renaissance Aruba Resort to see flamingos, it prevents the risk of dropping an unprotected phone in the water.

Portable charger

Since you’ll likely be outdoors, away from outlets, pack a portable power bank for on-the-go charging on your Aruba vacation.

Reusable water bottle

Don't forget a water bottle on your Aruba packing list–preferably an insulated one to keep your water cool while you're in the Aruba sun.

Cash in USD

Although most places accept major credit cards, we still recommend having some cash on hand–ideally, small bills for tips.

Lightweight clothing

During your time on One Happy Island, wear breathable clothing like tank tops and shorts. You may need a light jacket for the evenings!

Beach bag

It’s best to buy a sand-free or packable option so that you don’t track sand everywhere and your bag will fit into your luggage.

Underwater camera

If you love snorkeling and other water sports, one of our best travel tips is to bring an underwater camera to Aruba. You can find affordable options on Amazon!


You may think you only need flip flops, but sneakers are necessary for activities like off-roading in Arikok National Park or horseback riding.

Travel insurance

When traveling to Aruba, it's better to be safe than sorry and invest in travel insurance for your trip in case of an emergency!