What to Pack for Ireland: 10 Essential Items

By: Leah Shoup

Rain jacket

Rain in Ireland is super common! So, a rain jacket keeps you dry and acts as a windbreaker—essential for places like the Cliffs of Moher.

Comfortable walking shoes

Tennis shoes or water-resistant boots will be sufficient for most people. Leave hiking boots off your Ireland packing list unless you're doing hard-core hiking.

Wool socks

You'll need wool socks to stay warm on your trip– a pair of moisture-wicking socks is best for outdoor Irish activities!

Knit sweater

If you don’t already own one to wear, consider buying an Aran sweater while in Ireland—also known as a “fishermen sweater.”

Travel backpack

Bring a backpack you can use as your day bag to hold essentials like your camera, phone, wallet, chargers, and rain gear.

Travel umbrella

Thanks to the unpredictable weather, you'll want an umbrella that can easily fit in your day bag to avoid getting caught in a downpour.

Packing cubes

They efficiently organize clothes, create space, and allow you to roll your clothes into the cubes to maximize room.

Travel plug adapter

One of the most important things to bring to Ireland is a plug adapter since the country uses plug type G.

Portable charger

With your phone serving as a camera, GPS, and communication tool, you'll want to keep a portable charger to avoid draining your battery!

First aid kit

Whether you're road-tripping, backpacking, or taking a guided tour, it's a good idea to keep a first aid kit around.