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The Most Photo Worthy Spots in Nashville, Tennessee

Whether you’re heading to Nashville for a romantic getaway or a bachelorette, you’re sure to want some insta-worthy photos! If so, I’ve got some excellent news for you: Nashville is very photogenic. However, it might be hard to decide between all of the colorful murals and brunch spots–especially if you’re only in town for a few days. That’s why I’ve written this extensive guide to photo places you shouldn’t miss in Music City. Keep reading for your fill of Nashville Instagram photo ideas and inspiration!

What Lifts You mural

The What Lifts You mural by Kelsey Montague has undoubtedly become the most popular photo spot in Nashville since its installation in 2016. So, you may want to try to go earlier in the morning to avoid standing in a long line. Plus, the softer morning light will help you to avoid shadows in your photos.

Nonetheless, even if you do have to wait in a line, I think it’s worth it to snap of photo of yourself with wings! Fun fact: you can find another set of mini wings just to the right of this mural. Many times people use the smaller wings for pictures of their children or pets.

Draper James

Have you been to Nashville if you haven’t visited Reese Witherspoon’s adorable clothing store? This 12 South staple was the first Draper James ever when it opened in 2015. Make sure to pop in for a peek at Reese’s classic southern style!

Besides impeccable clothing options, Draper James also offers a perfect backdrop for photos. On the right side of the building, you can find the blue and white striped mural pictured above.

I Believe in Nashville mural

After one trip to Nashville, you’ll realize that the 12 South neighborhood is essentially an Instagram paradise. Just across from Draper James, you’ll find another photo opportunity: the I Believe in Nashville mural by Adrien Saporiti. There are two of these murals in the city. So, if you want to see both in one trip, you’ll have to head to Marathon Village to see the second one!

Colorful flower mural

This vibrant flower mural by an unknown artist is sure to provide a pop of color to any Instagram feed. If you’re in the 12 South neighborhood already, this is an easy walk from Draper James and the I Believe in Nashville mural. I think a lot of people miss this one as it’s on the side of United Apparel Liquidators (2900 12th Ave. S. Nashville, TN 37204)! This wall is an entertaining option for closer up photos and portraits.

Amelia’s Flower Truck

Adding to the list of super instagrammable things in Nashville, we have Amelia’s Flower Truck! The location changes day to day, so I’d recommend checking their website and planning to catch this flower truck in action.

I happened to be in town on a day when it was parked in front of White’s Mercantile in 12 South. However, all of the other locations seem just as cute. I’d recommend buying a bouquet while you’re there–it makes both an ideal prop for photos and a great gift!


Looking Pretty, Music City mural

While you’re in the 12 South area, you won’t want to miss this mural by Emily Eisenhart/Eastside Murals! The Looking Pretty, Music City wall is relatively new, so I haven’t seen as many photos of it on social media. Nonetheless, I think it’s my favorite mural in Nashville! You can easily spot it on the side of the Madewell building in 12 South.

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Regal Cinemas Hollywood 27

If you’re searching for a lesser-known place to take photos in Nashville, head to this colorful Regal Cinemas! I took pictures here during the day time, but it also looks stunning when the neon theater lights come on at night. This movie theater makes for a perfect pop of color for any fashion photos! Plus, you can enjoy a movie night after you have your photo session.

Liberty Common

One of the best things to do in Nashville for couples is to eat brunch–and for a good reason! Although there are tons of unique foodie options in the city, I’d highly recommend visiting Liberty Common. This café offers the perfect combination of Southern comfort food and French cuisine.

Plus, the entire restaurant is extremely photo-worthy! Between baby blue booths, trendy tile details, and an overall sense of ambiance, you may become overwhelmed with all the instagrammable options at Liberty Common.

Of course, a café this stunning is sure to get busy fast. So, I’d make a reservation in advance for one of the earlier times available for brunch. The earlier you go, the fewer people you’ll have in your photos! Please remember to ask permission before taking pictures–it’s the polite thing to do.

Café Roze

Another popular option for brunch is Café Roze in East Nashville. Many of the food items on the menu here seem to be within the same color palette as the restaurant! Anna and I chose the frozen berry bowl and the stout waffles and were impressed that our meals were both photogenic and delicious.

Make sure to try a “Roze” latte with cardamom and rose while you’re at it, as well. Our only difficulty with visiting this café was figuring out where we could park! Note that parking for Café Roze is available on Greenwood Ave or in the Vinyl Tap or Southern Grist parking lots. 

The Cleo mural

This hot air balloon mural on the side of The Cleo in East Nashville is another work of art by Kelsey Montague. To capture the entire balloon, you’ll want to bring your wide-angle lens or use the wide-angle feature on your phone!

I visited this spot during the middle of the afternoon, and you can see that there are a lot of shadows at this time of day. To avoid capturing so many shadows in your photos, I’d suggest stopping by to snap a photo in the morning or evening!

Nashville Walls Project

This Jason Woodside mural is part of the Nashville Walls Project and can be found in the Gulch. A good idea I’d recommend is to park in the lot close to this mural and take a photo here before heading to the What Lifts You wall (it’s across the street). Make sure to check out the Ian Ross mural that’s right next to this one as well!

The Parthenon in Nashville

This Nashville photo spot will have you asking the question: am I in the U.S. or Greece? Yes, Music City does, in fact, house a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Although you have to pay to go inside, a more affordable option is visiting Centennial park and taking a few photos of the outside. There’s free parking as well!

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Are you looking for the best place to watch the sunset in Nashville? Make sure to stop by the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge during golden hour for a great skyline view. Even though this is a popular location for sunset photography, we were able to take pictures with no problem and no wait.

Five Daughters Bakery

Of course, the cutest donut shop in Nashville is located in the 12 South neighborhood. Five Daughters Bakery can be packed on the weekends, so I’d urge you to go first thing in the morning. This way, you’ll have your pick of the donuts and no line!

It’s worth noting that this bakery always offers particular donuts that are seasonal, and they’re typically unique flavors. Although these sweets are a little pricey, they are without a doubt some of the best donuts I’ve ever had.

Emma’s Flowers and Gifts

A pretty pink flower shop? Why yes, Nashville has that too! Whether you’re looking to buy flowers or a gift for a special occasion, Emma’s has you covered. Due to its location in Midtown, this shop also makes a perfect stop after visiting Centennial Park. The rose outside wall is a fun backdrop for anyone who loves pink!

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Discover the top 25 photo spots in Nashville, Tennessee, including popular murals and street art, instagrammable restaurants, and more! Plus, we've included a map at the end of the post so you can easily find these best places to take pictures in Music City.


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Vicki L Rodriguez

Monday 27th of December 2021

Love it here ! Nashville has a lot of history.

Brianna Alexander

Tuesday 9th of March 2021

Honestly this list is the best thing I have ever seen. Did a professional organizer make this because its even got a map?? I will be in Nashville in the next upcoming weeks for less than a day and I wanted to see all of these selfie spots and this post has everything I would need to make all of this actually happen. No more "well I wanna see that, but how far is it." No more "I wish I would have seen that". Based on the map I created the perfect walk to the river so that I will be taking pictures and eating at some cute restaurants. Thank you!

Dalia Madrid

Monday 18th of January 2021

Great content and beautiful photos. I will be using your list when I visit Nashville. Thank you for sharing!


Monday 18th of January 2021

I‘m in love with these shots! 🥰 I’ll be living in the US for 1 year in 2022 and I really need to visit all of these places irl!

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